Limited Edition Leonardo and Aurora Fountain Pens from Casa della Stilografica (Sponsor)

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1 month ago   by Brad Dowdy

Aurora Optima 365 Yellow

Casa della Stilografica is a family-owned and operated fountain pen boutique and retailer based in Firenze, Italy. Founded in 1944, the shop has worked closely over the years with all of the biggest brands in the world, with a special focus on their home country of Italy.

For example, the Aurora Optima 366 Gialla Limited Edition features a striking yellow auoroloide barrel with a black grip section and finials, along with a Rhodium plated 18k gold nib and hardware. This pen is limited to just 366 pieces, one for each day of the year - plus Leap Year!

Leonardo Messenger Fountain Pen

Similarly, the Leonardo Officina Italiana Messenger uses a Leap Year theme, with 366 pens per color to represent the days of this special calendar year. The five barrel colors - Aqua, Caramel, Green, Red, and Orange - each feature a translucent resin swirl and silver-colored nibs and trim.

Casa della Stilografica is a full-service brick and mortar retailer, with a flourishing online business. They ship worldwide from their shop in Firenze, and if you make a purchase this week, they are offering Pen Addict readers a 10% discount with the code Penaddict at checkout.

My thanks to Casa della Stilografica for sponsoring The Pen Addict this week.

Casa della Stilografica

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