Yolt gets closer to all-in-one banking app with Raisin

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1 week ago   by Ruby Hinchliffe

Smart money platform Yolt has partnered with pan-European deposits platform Raisin to launch new savings accounts.

Yolt’s UK, France and Italy-based users can now open a Raisin account, giving them access to deposit products which give customers full visibility of deposits within the app. Raisin has more than 500 deposit offers from 82 partner banks across Europe.

The partnership will give fintechs and banks access to Raisin’s products through Yolt

Until now, Yolt’s offering has given users the ability to switch their household bills, shop for insurance, make investments and combine their pensions.

CMO at Yolt, Cristel Lee Leed, says the partnership will further empower its customers to do more with their finances, in line with the fintech’s broader unique selling proposition (USP).

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As well as expanding Yolt’s saving products, for Raisin the integration will build on its B2B partnerships, giving fintechs and banks access to its products through Yolt.

Both fintechs say they are “dedicated to removing complex barriers consumers may face when it comes to better saving”.

“In a highly competitive interest rate market, consumers are increasingly looking for providers that provide an all-in-one tool when it comes to their money,” says Raisin’s UK’s CEO, Kevin Mountford. “Raisin’s B2B solution gives financial service providers the ideal tool to extend their offering, without pulling focus or resource away from their core services and offer their customers something new.”

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